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Reasons to use a Private Proxy

Odds are that if you found this website, you already might know one or more uses for a private proxy. However, here's to list a few of the popular uses for private proxies:

Of course there are other legitimate reasons one might want to use a private proxy, these are just some of the common ones.

Fully Anonymous

Naturally, with private proxies you have maximum anonymity. Unlike with transparent proxies, your real IP address cannot be traced. This is of course essential in many cases. At any rate, you can feel completely safe and anonymous when using both our private, and semi private(shared) proxies. Not only is it fully anonymous, but you also trick the webservers that you visit into thinking that you are in a different location than you actually are. On certain websites, this allows you access to different services than otherwise would be presented to you, a good example here is Craigslist.